About Us

SIA "ARHUS" - Established in 2010.
The manager of the company and his Team have 15 year experience in Norwegian style log house building.
We make wood stand constructions and log house constructions, as well as the buildings wood construction elements using the traditional methods of master craftsman carpenters.
The wood buildings most important part - frame is all the building "backbone". The frame guarantees the buildings long lasting life, finished look and proportions according to the project. It will be used to add all the other elements of the building.
It is the frame quality on which depends the rest of the buildings finishing it more quickly and to have a successful final result. This is why we recommend professionals for making the wood frame. We offer to make wood frame constructions and also to montage on them, where each detail is made with precision from carefully selected, dried and planed materials.

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Limbazu pag., Limbazu nov.

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